Saturday, December 6, 2008

Unexpected Culture

We decided to watch Step Brothers last night rather than Torchwood. We both thought the movie was funny and worth seeing (at home). Will Ferrell is hit and miss for me, so I was happy. It might have helped that I had a brownie (okay, I had two) to go with the movie. No wine, though. I completely forgot about it by the time I left the office.

**SPOILER ALERT** If you haven't yet seen the movie and want to, pay no mind to the rest of the post and merely admire my tracking bar at the top of the blog.

I was shocked by the inclusion of the song Time to Say Goodbye, or Por ti Volare. I love the song, which I recently discovered through Pandora. My favorite version is sung by Sarah Brightman, and you can hear it here. I was shocked, however, to greatly enjoy Will Ferrell's version (despite the insertions of "boats and hoes!"--or maybe because of those insertions).

I'm happy to report I've already finished my writing for today. Yea for progress!

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