Friday, April 6, 2012

Interview with Marc Johnson

A little over a year ago, Marc Johnson published his debut novel Catalyst: The Passage of Hellsfire. Today Marc is here to share some of his experiences with the marketing side of self-publishing.

What were the top five things you did to market you first novel?

Marc Johnson:
1. Contacted over 500 book bloggers
2. Been on podcasts
3. Paid for advertising
4. Interviews
5. Guest blogging

Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Months of Writing and Counting

I love my stats. I love tracking progress in quantifiable ways. When writing a novel, I have two measurements: time and words.

My inspiration for Eva.
My daily quota is simple: 1,667 words minimum. I got this number when I wrote my first NaNo WriMo novel. One thousand six hundred sixty-seven words is how much you have to write every day of November to make the 50,000-word end-of-the-month goal. For me, it's a doable amount. Half the time. The other half of the days, I'm really pushing myself to reach my goal.