Monday, December 29, 2008

Events, 2008

There are a plethora of events to be celebrated every year, some traditional, some not so much. Like I want to start a National Nondominant Hand Day on which people would use their nondominant hand to do everything realistic (nothing dangerous--using a knife--and nothing particularly pointless--writing or mousing with the opposite hand all day). Good examples include: brushing teeth, eating, unlocking doors, etc. I think that it would be 1) amusing, and 2) help bring people's awareness to the moment. I'm thinking this holiday should happen early in January. What do you think?

Anyway, back to the events of 2008:

Weddings: 2 (Same as the last two years. I think I'm running out of single friends.)
Baby showers: 1 (I expect this number to increase soon.)
Birthday parties: 11!
Parties: 4 (One of which was my last-day-at-my-much-hated-work party. Hooray!)
Babysitting: 4 (This includes kids and cats. Most of these were overnighters.)
Art shows: 1 (For Suzanne Goodwin. I love her work!)
Wine tastings: 3
Vacations: 1 (To Oklahoma for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.)


New computers: 2 (One for me, one for Cody.)
New monitor: 1 (Just for me.)

Tomorrow: Books read and authors to recommend!

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