Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's the Pot

For a while now I've been on a hunt for the thing in my kitchen that randomly smells bad. I've hunted for hidden dirty dishes, taken out the trash, sprayed lemon and placed orange peels in the garbage disposal, and sniffed around all my food cupboards and the refrigerator for what could possibly be causing the bad odor. The random smell is something akin to a strong, used green tea bag but more pungent, sickly sweet and at the same time, carrying the upper notes of skunk. Frustratingly, I've not been able to find the source. I've looked for a pattern--after I used the toaster or when I eat spaghetti or something like that--but have found none.

It was Cody who finally figured it out. Our kitchen butts up against the neighbor's kitchen wall. Both walls have a vent above the stove, a vent that, apparently, is not very tightly sealed. Thus, whenever my neighbors light up their bongs, the smell drifts into my kitchen!

At first, I didn't believe Cody when he offered this theory, but a few times of stepping out on our shared front stoop and smelling the much less diluted odor of pot wafting from their apartment, I've conceded that he is right. F-ing potheads! It's bad enough to be woken up by the sounds of my neighbors having sex, but now I've got neighbor's pot smells in my kitchen! I can't wait to have a house with some space and privacy around it!

(On a happier note, despite the fact that I took yesterday off, I more than made up for it today: 3,617 words! Hooray!)

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