Friday, December 19, 2008

Garfield Minus Garfield

When I originally heard of the idea of the Garfield without Garfield website, I thought it was stupid. I mean, wouldn't that be like The Cosby Show without Bill Cosby? (Which brings up a point I think America as a whole needs to address: Why is it called The Cosby Show when no one in the show is named "Cosby"? Why not call it The Huxtables and have a little "staring Bill Cosby" notation?) Or (back on point) wouldn't that be like The Drew Carey Show without Drew Carey? Or Calvin and Hobbes without Calvin?

And then I read a few of the Garfield strips without Garfield and realized I'd never appreciated how funny Jon is. My favorite strip was two empty panels and then the last with Jon in it, saying, "I think my toes are jealous of my fingers because they get to point at things." It makes me giggle every time I read it!

Yesterday, while at Borders, I ran across the Garfield Minus Garfield book that actually got printed. The Garfield-free strips are hilarious at times, strangely thought-provoking at others, and altogether just plain amusing. I wanted to stay and read the whole book in the store, but Cody pointed out that we had other shopping to do. Still, the book--and the idea--were an amusing surprise.

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