Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Legend of the Seeker Delivers

When I was fifteen or sixteen years old I read my first Terry Goodkind book, Wizard's First Rule. As an epic fantasy adventure over 800 pages in length, it was exactly what I was into. Eight books and about the same number of years later, I stopped reading the series--not because the series had gotten too bad to read, but because my taste had changed to more modern fantasies.

The series has recently been made into a TV show: Legend of the Seeker. It took three promo commercials before my mind linked why the storyline seemed so familiar to the books. I reined in my excitement. It could go very badly. I didn't like the cast when I saw them in the commercials. I didn't know how they were going to do a book in TV-length installments. I wasn't sure I wanted to give it a chance.

I missed the first few episodes. I finally sat down to watch one. I'm hooked. And I've decided I like the cast just fine. You might, too. Check out Craig Horner who plays the main character, Richard Raul. (The one on the right cracks me up.)

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Mr. Muscles said...

OMG... I look just like that. The first pic is my favorite yoga pose.
The second is how I look when I think real hard.