Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello, World. Remember Me?

What my cat was doing a month ago.
I feel like I've been buried in work, but it hasn't been that long...

Hang on. It's been a month? Okay, I have been buried in work. It was a good time for it. My husband and I had a large setback in a business venture that took the wind out of my sales. On top of that, or because of that, my creativity well was tapped.

What my cat was doing today.
I've been working on my novels, but it's the kind of work that no one can see (not that anyone has seen my books yet, but you will, I promise!). I went through my problematic Book 2 in the Madison Fox series (Book 1 was Conventional Demon, which I submitted for publication the first of this month—still no word from the publisher saying they're in love with it). Book 2 has holes in the plot, and needs corrections to streamline it with changes I made in Book 1.