Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unexpected Connections

I've been avoiding writing this scene all day. It didn't occur to me until after I finished writing it that Madison wanted to avoid this scene too. Apparently, just imagining her not wanting to do it made me not want to write it. I think this is a good thing: I've been in the story long enough to feel Madison in my head, not just imagine her there. Or so I'm telling myself.

On top of wanting to avoid this whole scene, Dr. Love, Madison's main love interest, is on stage, and there were all sorts of possibilities for things to go dreadfully wrong. They're relationship is so new, practically unformed, and neither knows the other's body language. Even words can so easily be misunderstood when everyone's hormones are so volatile. I think that people in a long-term relationship forget about all the uncertainties that govern a relationship when you're first starting out. When you're in a long-term relationship, you can have a huge misunderstanding, fix it, and move on. When you're still new to each other, that misunderstanding can be the death of a relationship.

I was afraid, when I realized I'd been writing for nearly two hours and my normal word count usually takes me only a little over an hour, that I'd been struggling with the scene more than I realized as I typed. It seemed to be flowing, but like the relationship, maybe I was misreading the signs.

Nope. It was just a slightly longer scene than I expected. 2,733 words. I thought it'd be about 1,200 words. And as happy as I am with how well it turned out and how well Madison and I navigated the dangerous waters of that scene, ending with everything where it needs to be and with Madison quite happy, we're both even happier to be beyond that scene. As wonderful as it is to have the handsome Dr. Love on stage, sometimes it's easier when he's only there in Madison's fantasies.

Tomorrow it's action time. Secretive, dangerous action. Just the kind of thing to take both our minds off Dr. Love and get our heads back in the crime-fighting game.

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Kate said...

Hey, how about some "action" with Dr. Love?! LOL Good job on the scene. :)