Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DVDs, 2008

I love Netflix. I believe I've mentioned that a time or two. I love that I can get TV shows on channels I don't get without commercials. It's fabulous. I love getting the movies, too, but as you'll see, movies weren't so high on the list this year.

Here's the stats for the DVDs we've rented this year:

Total rented: 147
Rentals by percentages:
-Television shows: 58%
-Movies: 35%
-Comedy: 5%
-Educational: 2%
Individual TV shows: 13
Cody's favorite TV show: Wonderfalls (Technically, we borrowed this from a friend, but I'll still count it under the "rentals.")
My favorite TV show: Coupling (a British comedy that ran for four season, all of which we watched within a month, I think. Of course, I had a really hard time selecting this show above, say, Battlestar Galactica or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I just got into this year. There was also Dr. Who and Torchwood contending for the favorite slot, along with Psych and Lost. Still, Coupling had the most draw for being the shortest show.)
Cody's favorite movie: Tango and Cash
My favorite movie: LA Story (As you can see, we didn't go with any new movies. Looking back through the list, there's not a single movie I would rewatch from what we rented. Most were good on the first watch, but not worth a second. The few that we saw this year that might be worth a repeat viewing we saw in the theaters, so they didn't make this list. Oddly, I didn't keep track of movies we saw in the theater...maybe I should. Which reminds me: We saw Iron Man in the theater and then again on video at a friends house--again not a rental so didn't make the list--and that was worth the second viewing.)
Educational fact: We only watched 3 education DVDs this year: An Inconvenient Truth (it took me a while to be ready to see that one), Ancient Mysteries: Canals of Venice (oddly fascinating), and National Geographic: Inside Special Forces (which was nothing like I'd thought it'd be, but was interesting nevertheless. I got to see the inside of one of Hussein's palaces, which he built atop a mountain of dirt he had carted in so his palace would be the tallest in the land--crazy!). In 2007, we watched 4 educational films, and in 2006, we watched 13! The numbers are declining rapidly. I'm hoping that the number of nonfiction books I've been reading mildly redeems me. Or maybe I should simply think of it as I'm embracing creativity in all types of fiction better and better each year and not being bogged down by so many facts.
TV shows watched but not rented (me only): Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, New Adventures of Old Christine, and ANTM (I thought I was done with ANTM--America's Next Top Model for those of you not addicted--but it sucked me back in for the fall cycle, so I don't think I've weened myself yet. I need an ANTM patch. And that stupid Stylista show they advertised after it was not going to do it for me!)

Tomorrow (and Final Year-end Tally): Firsts, 2008!

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