Sunday, December 14, 2008

Outraged at Torchwood

So with Cody done with school and actually home before ten at night, we've had some time to catch up on some much-missed TV. We don't have cable or a DVR, which is why I'm in love with Netflix. It also means that I'm perpetually a season behind on most shows (and since I tend to bury my head in the sand when it comes to the majority of what's happening in the entertainment world, I'm able to miss out on most spoilers).

We just finished season 2 of Torchwood. I'm guessing that all of you have already seen it and know what happens, and the rest of you don't care. I care. I care very much, and I'm very upset! I was all set for a cliffhanger. I was even more set for excitement. I was not prepared whatsoever for two main characters to be killed off! I'm outraged! I should not cry at a season finale! Combine my disappointment/sadness with the last episode with nightmares about never dying and being the last person left in the world umpteen-thousand years from now (which is what I get for thinking about Captain Jack's fate right before falling to sleep), I'm a bit miffed at Torchwood.

And this season was so intense and dark! I became a Torchwood fan because of Dr. Who, which started out pleasantly campy, though it, too, got darker in the last season (I'm referring to season 3 with Martha Jones--it just occurred to me that I haven't seen season 4 and it's out! Yay! I just added it to my Netflix queue!). I hope that they lighten things up in the new season (though don't tell me anything that could spoil it for me!)

We followed up the season finale of Torchwood with the first two episodes of Lost season 4--another show that's getting darker and darker (though I absolutely loved the "Lost in 8:15" recap; I thought it was quite funny). Fortunately, we've got a little Buffy to watch (season 3). I need more lighthearted shows! If you've got any good suggestions, let me know!

Oh, and as far as writing goes, I finally finished the one scene today. 4,887 words for one scene. Yikes! I'm getting close to the end, though! So close, I can taste it. (Too far to write it all in a day, though.)


jennieke said...

Wow! You're almost done :) Have you guys ever watched Monarch of the Glen? It's a lighthearted show (sort of a family drama with comedic elements) that I used to really like (until they sort of killed it in later seasons). It's not paranormal in any way (despite a few references to ghosts and loch monsters), but it's cute and the Scottish scenery is pretty great.

Torchwood really bothers me, for a variety of reasons, but I agree that the finale was incredibly annoying. Why bring Owen back to life only to kill him a few episodes later? I think the campy homoerotic writing in that show is just beyond me. And yet somehow, they kept me watching--was it my boredom with all other programming or the way your head just has to swivel to stare at a car accident? I guess I'll never know :)

Shaida said...

Do you watch Pushing Daisies? Season 1 is on Netflix now; it has its dark moments, but overall it's upbeat and happy. Also: Season 3 Buffy, such a treat! I hope you love it. Final random thought: I actually appreciate it when a show does something that makes me cry (i.e. seasons 3 & 4 of Buffy...); I find it rare that shows are well written and engaging enough that I'd actually care when something bad happens to the characters etc. I can't imagine ever crying over something bad happening to the characters in Lost, for instance, no matter how bad and dark the plot twists go...