Monday, December 8, 2008

Cold Writing

I'm finding it very easy to imagine Madison traipsing around in cold November weather as I write this time, mainly because I've been doing all my writing at home and for the past week, it has been cold. I've kept the heater at 68 degrees, but I have a feeling that this heater's 68 degrees is like most heater's 60 degrees. The temperature has always felt a little off mark to me.

I finished my writing this morning--I actually finished more than necessary, nearly 9 pages this morning!--wearing slippers, knee-high socks, jeans, an undershirt, a long-sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, and a beanie. Still, despite my fingers flying over the keyboard and mouse, they're still chilly. And silly me that I am, I don't want to have any warm tea because I just went to the dentist and my teeth are so pearly white, unstained yet by tea or wine.

I've only 18 scenes left. So far, it's been basically a scene a day, which means a scene lasts from 1,667 words to 2,500 words, but I hope that they'll go a little faster later on! Otherwise, this book is going to be over 80,000 words!

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Shaida said...

We're keeping the house at 65 right now to keep the bill low, and it's bearable most of the time. Right when you wake up, it's horrendously cold, and every evening when the sun goes down, the indoor temperature drops pretty sharply. However, there are some nights when I'm bundled from head to toe in fleece, sitting under two blankets, with only my nose sticking out, and that is a VERY cold nose. That's usually my indicator to turn the heat up a degree or two, if my nose can't stand being exposed any longer.

Also: I'm going to get sealant on my teeth this Friday! I'm super excited, and very glad that you told me this was a possibility.