Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Surprised by Traveling Pants

I love Netflix. It's one of the best things I subscribe to, and I'm pretty selective with what I subscribe to. I love that I can have a whole list of movies saved up, and as I send each one back, they send me another without me having to think about it. We're set up with a three-movie deal, which pretty much means we always have something to watch. It's great, and it's WAY cheaper than Blockbuster with a MUCH better selection.

There is one downside to it: Occasionally I put movies in my queue that I only sort of want, with the intention that I'll save them for when we run out of things we really want to watch. And occasionally those movies get sent to us before I'm ready when I forget to reorganize my queue. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 was one such movie.

I added it to my queue with the intention of watching it when Cody was gone or busy, but I wasn't really all that excited about seeing it. Then it shipped. Then I lost it. I knew I had received it, but I couldn't find it anywhere, and then began wondering if I'd only convinced myself I'd received it because I was unhappy to be getting it in the first place. I finally told Netflix that I had never received it. They took it off my queue and sent me another movie.

A few days later, I found it under my car seat. It was a sign, I decided. My earlier intention had been to ship it back unseen, but I decided to watch it. (I waited for a night when Cody was busy to spare him.)

Shockingly, I really enjoyed it. I liked the realistic interactions between the women. I liked seeing them growing and trying new opportunities. I liked all the different settings (whoever got to be set designer looked like they had a ball creating the girl's personalities in their surroundings). I liked the ending, as sentimental as it was.

So if you're in the mood for a good girl movie, I suggest this one. It's not a romance, it's not a drama, it's not a comedy, at least not in my opinion. It's just a story, a good fiction, a story of friendship and women and growing and finding yourself. Really, I'm still surprised at how much I liked it.

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