Friday, December 5, 2008

Day Two of No Writing

My goddess! What is this world coming to? Two days without writing! I'll tell you what: I blame the fluoride varnish the dentist put on my teeth (very distracting, very annoying). I also blame my cat, who turned into such a wild demon that we couldn't get her brother back into the same carrier yesterday for fear she'd tear him to pieces and had to leave him at my parents' house and return today to pick him up separately (they're getting along great now).

The real culprit, however, is my own laziness, but I'm entitled to a little now and again. Cody and I just got some chocolate chip brownies (and ice cream for him) and we're either going to watch some Torchwood or the movie Step Brothers. If I recall, I think there's about a glass of wine left. These are my big Friday-night plans, and they sound real nice to me.

Tomorrow, I WILL write. I must. The story is building like a pressure in my head. All that creativity is waiting for me to use it. Tonight, wine and chocolate, a relaxing chair, and two happy cats, and Cody are mine to enjoy.

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