Monday, December 15, 2008

Length and Fears

It's official: I've written over 80,000 words! My tracker bar thing wouldn't show an over-the-goal amount, so I had to up the total of words. I think 90,000 is a good estimate. I hope it is. Today was another writing day where 1,700 plus words was merely a bridge between two scenes, so it was not officially on my storyboard or planned for. I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm trying to stay very positive, because I've reached the point in the story where every doubt about the plot and characters are coming up, making me think there's going to be major revisions in my future. I must. Not. Think. About that. I also am maintaining that the fact that I already have seven different revision notes that require scenes to be reworked, written, or removed is a good thing. It must mean the story is flowing well in my head and I'm seeing it more clearly the more time I spend with it. It must mean that.

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