Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NON Reader's Favorite Genre

Mystery seems to be the favorite genre of NON followers and readers, coming in first: 35% of all who commented said mystery was their favorite genre. (Which is fortunate for them, since this week's contest and interview is with another mystery writer.)

I admit that I'm new to the mystery genre as a whole. I could confidentially tell you all the subgenres of the fantasy section, and to a lesser extent, those of the romance genre. I, however, had no idea that there was the culinary mystery subgenre, as Janel said was her favorite in the comments. I can picture a culinary subgenre in literature and romance, as well, but I'm hard-pressed to picture what a culinary fantasy novel would be like. Could be pretty amusing!

Here are the rest of the percentages of favorite genres:
  • 17% paranormal romance
  • 10% historical fiction
  • 7% fantasy, urban fantasy, and chick lit
  • 2% horror, thriller, and romance

I would have guessed romance to be so much higher.

Be sure to check out this week's NON question (how many author and book blogs do you follow?), interview, and contest. I've already been blown away by how many blogs people follow! Remember when I was thinking I followed too many (Blog Addiction)? Apparently I'm a lightweight! Of course, results of this week's question will be available next week.

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