Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is This the End?

Several months ago a friend commented to me about my blog, "I had no idea you had so much to say." She went on about how impressed she was that I could post every day (or nearly) and never run out of topics.

I admit that while I muttered something humble, the same thought has occurred to me many being one of them. I sat down with the intent of blogging, and not a single thing came to mind. I even cruised through some of the blogs I follow without finding inspiration. The last few days haven't offered up much inspiration, either. And I'm left to wonder: Have I simply run out of things to say?

However, since just the question makes me want to giggle, I think not. I'm too opinionated. Unfortunately, my opinions today are running much more to the mundane. Like, we need more chocolate-covered almonds in this house, sneezie-poofs* are pretty and there should be more of them in the world, and ponies are cute. Like I said, not exactly thought-provoking sentiments, though all are true.

*Sneezie-poofs: possibly seeds from cottonwood trees, possibly seeds from cattails, they float like puffs of summer snow through the air in a mesmerizing and beautiful dance, one that I look out the window and admire and one that Cody looks out the window and says, "Gnaa! Sneezie-poofs!"

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TikiBird said...

Nah, I think it's not The End. I think a post about sneezie-poofs is perfectly acceptable. :)

One of the many things that usually keeps me from updating my poor blogs is that I always feel like I have to write an essay or something--and I think if I told myself I could just do a blog entry that was a paragraph, I'd update a lot more often!