Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sidecar Muse

Cody and I were running errands the other day when we passed a cute older couple. The man was driving a classic gold Honda motorcycle. The woman was suited up in the gold sidecar next to him, filing her nails.

Now, I've always had this irrational love/hate relationship with motorcycles. They're gorgeous machinery, and they're deadly. (Sidecars are no exception.) When I was younger, I desperately wanted a Ducati. If you're not a car/motorcycle person, you probably can't understand falling in love with the sleek lines of these bikes, the power they represent, the allure of the speed.

Not having the money (the bike I loved cost more than my car), I never got one, and perhaps have passed the point in my life in which I'd get a motorcycle—my rational mind now holding more say than my speed-loving least as far as motorcycles go; I still desperately want a really fast luxury car. Specifically I want this Bugatti Veyron (which retails at a mere $1.7 million):

And if I was to go out and a buy a motorcycle, this would be top of the list (whenever it's released):

However, this isn't a post about expensive crushes. This is a post about sidecars. Seeing that couple gave me inspiration: I could travel and write my next novel. My head was filled with visions of cruising along in the sidecar across the US, laptop on my knees, Cody at the helm, and me typing away at my next novel. Imagine the strange ideas and inspiration that would come to me going 70 mph down the freeways of America in a deathbucket attached to a motorcycle. It'd be incredible. It'd also make for some funny tales, I'm sure, at book signings. Here, take a moment; really picture it:
Now, baring that fanciful, hilarious, and insane notion, what do you think of this magical combination of speed and safety?

It'd be a lot harder to get a laptop in there, was my first thought. Cody's was more practical: "How do you steady the bike when you come to a stop? You can't put your feet down..."


TikiBird said...

Oh my gosh, there's no WAY I would want to get in a sidecar! LOL I think all writing would just say, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Maybe you and Cody could rent one for a weekend and try it out to see what happens for you, though!

Rebecca Chastain said...

I'm not sure I could get in one either, when it came down to it. At least on a motorcycle you're as tall as the driver in a car. In that sidecar, you're basically invisible. Scary! Though the roads I contemplated us driving on were more scenic, so maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Windy roads would make it a little difficult to type, though, I think.

Shaida said...

Rebecca, I just saw this; it totally solves the sidecar issue, and looks pretty cool too: