Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blogs Followed: The Results

For last week's contest at NON, I asked for people to tell me how many blogs they follow, specifically, how many author- or book-related blogs. To give you perspective, when I got up to 18 blogs that I was following, I was overwhelmed. Even the 12 I follow now don't get visited regularly. I had expectations for a lot of people to have at least double the number of blogs followed as me (since most of y'all are more blog-world savvy than me). I was, however, blown away by some of the responses!

While one person admitted to following 7 blogs and another 20, we small-numbered people were the definite exception. The mean number of blogs followed was 90! Ninety! Good lord, folks! How do you find the time?

The people who pushed the numbers over the edge were Julie P and bridget3420, who follow 286 and 311 blogs respectively. That's a lot of blogs. I'd even go so far as to say it's bordering on an obsessive compulsion, though I definitely appreciate that they follow NON, too. Three other people fell into the 100-and-above category.

Really, my mind is spinning at just the thought of trying to keep up with all these blogs. If they all post only once a week, and you read only half of them, you're still reading 50+ blog entries a week! Talk about saturation of story!

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