Sunday, May 10, 2009

Smoke vs. Alcohol

I've never been a smoker of any kind, legal or illegal, but I found myself this weekend at a release party for a cigar manufacturer thanks to a friend. The event was held at a local restaurant, outside, and the turnout was impressive. As was the smoke and the sheer number of cigars burned through lit by lighters with impressive flame heights; I'm still not sure how I didn't witness someone singeing their eyebrows or accidentally lighting a neighbor on fire. I didn't partake in the smoking, and it was an experience that I wouldn't repeat, but it was surprisingly educational.

I had no idea that the cigar world was so similar to the wine world! Both have product distinguishable by region, maker, blends, and years, different methods of harvest and manufacturing of the product, and, of course, release parties complete with video interviewers made famous on YouTube.

I'm still not a fan of cigars—the way they smell, smoking in general, and smoke in my lungs in specific—but it was interesting to gain insight into that world.

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