Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Celebration

Last weekend was the family celebration for Cody's college graduations; this weekend was the friend celebration. We gathered with a great group of people today at the local bowling alley for some friendly bowling competition, and changed up the celebration to that of both graduation and new job for Cody. It was remarkable what a great group of friends the two of us have put together—so many incredible and nice people, and quite a number of them great bowlers, as well! Once again, thanks to everyone for coming out today! Cody and I both had a fun time, and we hope you did as well.

I, unfortunately, bowled my finest game before anyone arrived, while Cody and I were warming up. It was a 79. Yes, don't be too awestruck; later I bowled a 65 (or was it a 56?). However, I was very impressed that I did as well as I did today and got through it without hurting anyone (besides myself). I was having a rather unusually clumsy day. Before we even left the house, I wacked my elbow on a door hard enough to make it welt and leave it sore over twelve hours later, and at the bowling alley I broke two nails down to the skin and banged my leg with the bowling ball during one bowl (don't ask me how; I'm still not sure). I almost lost the ball during a back swing once, but my knobby thumb saved the day.

We topped off the day in a way that made it virtually impossible for me to hurt myself: we watched the latest in the Librarian installment: The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice. I loved the first two Librarian movies for their action and also because the bibliophile in me adores the fact that a profession normally thought of as stuffy or perhaps sissified ("those who can't do, read" sort of mentality) is the one person who can save the world from untold perils again and again. Curse of the Judas Chalice was everything I hoped for again, this time with the added bonus of Stana Katic, better known (to me) as Kate Beckett on Castle.

Castle was the first time I really knew of Katic's existence, but she had a cameo in the recent (and horrible) Bond movie, which got me curious about other things she might have been in. She's strangely appealing, and I can't quite pinpoint why, but I definitely enjoy watching her. I find it a bit amusing that in many of her previous roles, she's played a Russian woman of some sort (though in The Librarian she was French) and in real life she's Canadian. I also just found out through her official website that she did her own singing in The Librarian. Very impressive.

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TikiBird said...

Congrats to Cody, and to you, for finishing school! Glad you made it through the celebration in one piece. LOL