Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Addiction

I may have found the one thing that might achieve the impossible "too much of a good thing" status: blogs.

I've been cruising around the book-loving blog world lately, and I've added a few blogs to those that I was already following. I'm now up to 18 blogs that I follow! Eighteen is a lot. But there's more, so many more, that I want to add. I just know that I'm struggling to find the time to read the ones I'm currently a fan of that to add more would be pointless.

And, yet, I see people who follow twice the number of blogs I do--writers and book reviewers--and I wonder how do they have time to do anything more than read through all the blogs they follow every day? How do you folks do it? How do you read all those blogs and still find time to write, spend time with your family, and read all these books you review?

Beyond that, I'm genuinely flattered by those of you who follow my blog. With so many great blogs out there, I'm delighted that you've chosen to make mine one that you follow. Thank you!

Also, because apparently I'm a gluten for punishment, if you know of any great book/writing blogs I'm currently not following, let me know.


Cody said...

Like you need more blogs!!!

TikiBird said...

Funny you should ask...

Michelle H. said...

I have one: The Blood Red Pencil.

It's a place where editors and authors give advice on editing your ms.

There is also Galley Cat.

It's a newsletter about the world of publishing. If you need any more blogs (agents, editors, newletters) check out my sidebar under the title "Writer's Resources and the ilk."

Rebecca Chastain said...

TikiBird--I've added your new Pat the Bunny blog to my followed blogs; I love the idea of adding new readers to the fold. :)

Michelle H.--I added BloodRedPencil. There's a lot of good information there. Galley Cat reminds me a lot of Publisher's Lunch, which you can subscribe to the truncated version of for free here ( and they'll send you daily emails.