Monday, May 4, 2009

Favorite Genre

For NON's contest this week, I asked entrants to answer what should be a simple question: what is your favorite genre?

I imagine, though, that this question will pose the same problem for most people that the question "what is your favorite author" did. How do you choose?

My broad, lazy answer would be anything with fantastical elements. This can include basically anything from paranormal romances (or really most romances), fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, adventure, and mysteries. And like my favorite author, my favorite genre usually depends on what I've chosen to read at any given time. Right now, reading Pattern Recognition, my favorite genre is this strange urban sci fi. Last week, when I was reading David Eddings's The Elder Gods, it was epic fantasy. I imagine it'll be paranormal fantasy next week.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that there's a book lover in everyone, and it's only a matter of finding your genre. I'm lucky enough to love five different genres. How many genres do you religiously read? Or maybe that's a question for another contest.

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Me said...

mine is gun fights with a car chase and hot women... Much like my life now =)