Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini Vacation

I've been between jobs for about the last week, and I've made the most of my time. I've seen friends and family, slept in a few days, and happily worked more on Madison in the last week than in the previous three weeks.

Yesterday, I ventured from the house to Borders and between two trips (I stopped for a lunch break, and to go home to get more to work on) I worked four hours and got through one and a half chapters. For the most part, each chapter is still taking between two and three hours to edit, and since I'm adding more scenes and streamlining more information throughout these later chapters, they're taking a little longer than the previous ones.

I've thoroughly enjoyed these edits, too! After slugging through the world-building phase, this has been a nice change of pace.

Tomorrow it's back to work, but I've really enjoyed this time to devote to Madison!

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