Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm a Producer

Okay, it just took me a little over two hours, but I've written, directed, and produced a TV show! In it, the iconic figure of "Mr. Late Night" interviews a soon-to-be bestselling novelist, Rebecca Chastain.

Yes, the novel might not yet be fully edited, and yes, I might not be incredibly humble about Number One Novels, but I'm proud of my TV show. Check it out (and ignore the way it pronounces my last name; it's Chastain like Cha-stain not Cha-sten as it says):


Anonymous said...

I think you have found a new calling....
Nice work.

TikiBird said...

So awesome! I especially like the bit about how Madison is an average woman and wants to keep it that way.

Also, I think you should give yourself more credit: being a writer trying to get published does not require much less bravery than Madison facing those demons!