Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Victory, or The Tale of Those Who Lived

The final battle is complete. It's over. Done. It was beautiful. It was fun to write. Now everything left are end-of-story, draw-everything-together scenes. There's still one last semi-big event, but the climax is over. I'm a little melancholy but mostly excited that I'm that much closer to ending what has become a very long book.

That sad little tracker at the top of the blog looks like it's never getting anywhere because I have to keep adjusting the total "goal" number up so I don't run out of tracker. I can't predict how much longer the book is going to take (I thought it was going to be wrapped up over 30,000 words ago). It can't be much, since the climax is past. Soon, it'll say 100%. Then I think I should have a party.

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Cody Watson said...

Wooo Hooo!!!
I think some wine and bread dips are in order!