Monday, January 26, 2009

NON Interviews Jonathan Friesen

The newest author interview is posted on the Number One Novels blog. This week: Jonathan Friesen, an YA author with a humorous story of how he got published:

I attended a writer’s conference in California. It was my first, and for whatever reason I arrived a day early. Around dinnertime, I wandered around the grounds searching for food. I heard the distant tinkling of silverware, and unaware that I was a day early, walked into a room filled with people I assumed were fellow conferees. Turns out they were faculty. But as I didn’t know, I sat down at a table with literary agents and authors and started eating. They assumed me to be a new faculty, and I figured they were aspiring writers and we all got along famously.

Read the rest of his amusing story and the entire interview at Not only is the interview great, there's also a trailer for his novel!

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Cody said...

Hahhaa.. that sounds like something I would do!