Sunday, January 11, 2009

Number One Novels

I am very excited to announce that Cody and I are starting a blog together! It is called Number One Novels (, and on this blog, we will be interviewing first-time authors about the sale of their first novel. Our first interview will be posted tomorrow, and three more interviews are lined up for the following weeks. The goal is to post at least one interview a week (on Monday), though I hope to get up to two a week (Monday and Thursday).

I started the site for a selfish reason: for personal inspiration. Every day I dream about my novels being sold and published and formally launching my life-long career as an author (more specifically, as a New York Times bestselling author), and seeing other people achieve this dream is good motivation to keep plugging away at my writing and editing. However, I hope the site will be entertaining and informative for all its followers and a good promotion site for first-time authors.

Please check out tomorrow's post and let me know what you think. You can either bookmark the NON blog site, or you can always find a link to it from this blog under my "Blogs for Writers" section on the right.

Tomorrow's guest: Jeri Westerson with a medieval noir.

(Don't forget: The countdown to National Non-Dominant Hand Day continues. Only 3 more days!)

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