Monday, January 19, 2009

Mmmm, Cake

We went over to a friend's house last night for some dessert and game-playing. Fun was had by all (though I won only once). While we ate our dessert, we watched a show that if Cody and I had cable, I know I would be addicted to: Ace of Cakes. (Many of you with Food Network probably already know of this show and watch it regularly. I'm not jealous. Honest.)

We watched one episode, and now I want to be a pastry chef. The way I figure it, being a pasty chef takes out most of the bad parts of being a chef (working with raw meat, working late nights/weekends/holidays) and you get to make things that are colorful and pretty. Plus, the way they make these cakes, it's more like art than food.

I have hit upon the idea (read: obsessed with the idea) that for our Inauguration Party (for just Cody and me), I want to have a cake to commemorate the occasion (and to devour, transcending into a sugar high of celebratory proportions). However, I now specifically want an Ace of Cakes cake. Which, according to their website, cost a minimum of $1,000 and they're book through February 22.

Unfortunately, that means I'm back to some Safeway cupcakes or a splurge on some sort of Whole Foods confection. Still, there's always our wedding...


Cody said...

Well, I still want to be a puppeteer

Shaida said...

I like the idea of Ace of Cakes, but every time I watch the show I get really annoyed by their execution. Their cakes seem to be all fondant and styrofoam, they rely a lot on tricks to make the "cakes" look good and cake seems to be an afterthought. I want CAKE in my cake! So I've discovered this guy:
Obviously, I don't know if the cakes are any good, but they look amazing and there's really cake in there!

Rebecca Chastain said...

I did wonder at the taste of the cakes and kind of figured that I'd eat a separate sheet cake and admire the masterpiece, which takes away from the idea of "having your cake and eating it too." I like Mike's Amazing Cakes! They look even better (more artistic) than the Ace of Cakes cakes. And it says right on the site that they ship to everywhere in the US. Again, maybe for the wedding... I'll have to wait and see when they get their ordering info/price list up on the web.