Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National Non-Dominant Hand Day

The day is finally upon us. It's time to buckle down, gear up, and otherwise get into the spirit and mindset of putting that lazy non-dominant hand and arm to work. Today's the day to show your appreciation for both halves of your body. So grab that cup of coffee with the opposite hand, lock your house door with the use of that neglected appendage, and carry that purse/briefcase/wallet on the opposite side today.

Warning: be prepared to experience everything as if its brand new. Otherwise mindless tasks might become cumbersome and difficult. New ideas might spring to light now that you've got that other half of the brain firing. A whole new world of opportunities could open up before you.

And if none of that happens, but you participated, you can still give yourself a pat on the back (with that cherished non-dominant hand) for a job well done.

Feel free to share any trials or triumphs in the comments section.

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