Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little Frothing

I've been delighted to discover, as I find more and more writer and literary agent blogs, that I'm not the only one keeping track of things. There's Kristen Nelson's Pub Rants "A Year in Statistics" and Janet Reid's "8 Things I loved in 'O8"...and then there's this:

Sarah Weinman, author of the LA Times "Dark Passages" column, read 462 books last year!

I don't know whether I should place this woman on a pedestal (and feed her at least a book and a half a day) or be horrified. She claims in the article linked above that she retains what she reads, so the speed doesn't mean loss of quality. So maybe I'm just jealous. At that speed, I could get through the books sitting in the queues on my shelves in 44 days. By March, I'd be back out at Borders and my favorite used book store buying more. Book shipments would roll in weekly from Amazon. My library would grow by a bookcase a year.

Pause. Breathe. Wipe the frothing spit from my mouth. Remember that I'm, at best, a book-a-week kind of girl. (We're three and a half weeks into January and I've finished three books. Not too shabby, right? Honestly, I'm not that jealous. Right?)

How're your book totals coming?

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TikiBird said...

And you call ME competitive! LOL