Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Profession

I've decided, after having watched the first four episodes of Monarch of the Glen, that I would make an excellent laird. I love the pacing of European society, or my idea of what the pacing of general life is like in France and Italy and Scotland. I love the idea of a 35-hour work week, of long walks, of lots of socialization over food and wine, of close-knit communities (even if that community isn't necessarily the neighbors you live near), of life that celebrates relaxation and pursuits of pleasure above the no-pain, no gain, rush, rush, rush philosophy of most of America. Being a laird sounds like the best of this world.

First of all, if you're a laird, you've got a castle, hopefully a very attractive one, and the money to go with it to heat it (because, as Cody pointed out, it's cold in Scotland and the castle could be rather drafty). You've also got lots of land, presumably rolling green hills and lakes and streams and the kind of scenery similar to that which Jane roams about in on the sets of BBC's Pride and Prejudice. And you've got time--time to write and garden and entertain. On top of that, I think I'd really enjoy maintaining a staff and running a house and lands of that size. All the organization and keeping track of all the details really appeals to me.

So along with publishing Basic Trouble, quadrupling my self-employed contracts, and earning lots of money, I'm also on the lookout this year for a lovely castle and some land in need of a laird. Let me know if you hear of any openings.


TikiBird said...

Fabulous! Let me know when the castle is open for visitors. ;)

TikiBird said...

LOL, here's another article. Check out the monthly fees! Yikes. All those drafts aren't very energy efficient.

Hmmm, good point:
"Kraft cautions potential castle buyers to have reasonable expectations about the facilities. 'You may have dozens or hundreds of bedrooms, but only two bathrooms,' he says. You may also need to install a new kitchen and central heating, 'as they usually tend to be outdated or non-existent.'"

Hundreds of bedrooms but two baths? I hope there's a lot of chamber pots!