Saturday, January 3, 2009

Book Heaven

A Borders near(ish) my house recently closed, and everything in the store was selling for 40% off. As much as it saddens me that my favorite new bookstore is having to shut down stores to stay in business, I nobly did my part to help them generate as much money as they could from the store's closing. Between Cody and I, we saved nearly $60 on books! (I'll let you do the math on how much we spent.) Here's what I got:

  • Two Fox Trot books (And When She Opened the Closet, All the Clothes Were Polyester and How Come I'm Always Luigi?). I love Fox Trot. I've collected almost all the books and read them often.

  • Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan. I've never read any in this series (the book says it's "A Carpathian Reunion"), but when a hardbound of an author I like is only $5 and then 40% is being taken off that, it was a no-brainer.

  • Mercury's War by Lora Leigh. I've picked this book up several times and put it back because I really didn't need any more new books (again, 40% off means all bets are off). Leigh's books are deliciously steamy and paranormal, a great combination.

  • Night Secrets by Cherry Adair. I love her books. I love her website. I am adapting to her paranormal books (I still think her nonparanormal T-FLAC books are the best). Again, steamy. Her characters are intense and intelligent and fun even when they're in bad situations.

  • Up in Smoke by Katie MacAlister. I'll buy anything she writes. She's hilarious and her characters are great.

  • Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton. This is the only book I went into the store for. I bought the last copy on the ravaged shelves. Victory is MINE!!! (Ahem. Excuse me.)

We stood in line with our books for at least 40 minutes, though since Cody was holding all the books, he might say it was longer. It was such a glorious feeling to walk out of a bookstore with TWO bags full of books!

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Kate said...

Don't feel bad--I "saved" about $160!! (Hmm, turns out 40% off isn't quite as much as I thought it was...) LOL