Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National Non-Dominant Hand Day Recap

I didn't have any mind-blowing ideas of inspired genius as a result of using my left (non-dominant) hand, but I did come to one realization that had previously completely escaped my notice: The world is not made for left-handed people. All you left-handers and probably rolling your eyes at me and saying appropriate things to your computer screen, like "Duh!", but it took this day for me to realize it. From my washing machine, which has the writing around the dials angled so they're easier to be seen when you're using your right hand than your left to the placement of a handle on the door--it's all designed for us righties. Granted, perhaps I'm more sensitive to it than normal left-handers, but this hardly seems fair. I should start a movement to have all door handles placed in the middle of the door. That's how they do it in Spain. (Of course, it occurs to me that when you go back through the door the other direction, the lefties have it better, so maybe I'm making too much of this.)

The hardest thing I've found about National Non-Dominant Hand Day (aside from actually remembering to use my left hand) was brushing my teeth. Even twirling spaghetti on my fork with my left hand was easier than angling that toothbrush around my mouth despite the fact that I have a Sonicare that does most of the work for me. Pulling my hair back into a respectably smooth ponytail was also difficult.

I also learned not to attempt to scratch my left shoulder blade with my left hand (reaching around from the waist and up, not over the top of the shoulder), as it makes the muscles between my neck and shoulder spasm in an effort to attach my hear to my shoulder blade. Not a fun way to start a morning, though that wasn't the holiday's fault.

Did you have any non-dominant-inspired revelations?

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Shaida said...

I'm really impressed at your findings! I have also found it exceedingly hard to brush teeth with the wrong hand, glad to know I'm not alone. Also, as a lefty, I am frequently annoyed by the studies that show lefties are more accident prone, tend to die younger etc. Because obviously, the accidents are a direct result of the right-handedness of the ENTIRE WORLD. Also, left-handed desks (and left-handed scissors) totally suck. The one left handed statistic I'm inclined to agree with is the one that finds lefties to all be geniuses! ;-)