Monday, January 5, 2009

That Girl

So a few days ago, Cody and I were roaming the mall more just to get out of the house than to shop. In one of the more trendy stores, I saw a teenage girl in fashionable clothing and sunglasses. Sunglasses. In the mall. I proceeded to mock her to Cody once we were several stores away.

On Friday, I was that girl. I had an eye doctor appointment late in the afternoon, and the doctor dilated my eyes. She instructed me to relax my eyes and keep them shaded from too much light. Since most of my favorite activities involve lots of light and things that involve a bit of eye strain, like writing, researching online, reading, and watching TV, we decided to while away some time at the mall. However, to shade my eyes from the mall light, I cruised around in my rather trendy, very large glasses. Of course, I did not have the accompanying Ugg boots, tight jeans, tiny half-jacket, and an inch or three of cleavage showing to make me nearly as trendy as the girl I saw a few days ago. In my normal-fitting jeans and jacket (with a long sleeve shirt and sweater under it), I wasn't going to be mistaken for a celebrity or even someone cool.

Still, it was amusing. And when we got home, I spend the evening chillin' with my shades on inside and avoiding looking at my wildly dilated eyes in the mirror, which after the first hour or so were dilated at different widths. Basically, I looked drugged and creepy. Everything's great with my eyes, though. They're healthy and my prescription only changed slightly in one eye.

I was also smart and got all my writing done yesterday in advance of the appointment. Good stuff, too. Each writing session feels like I'm making leaps toward the finish line.


TikiBird said...

Ah, she's got nothing on you. Besides, Uggs are SO 2007. ;)

Cody said...

But you looked so... so... famous!