Friday, November 14, 2008

A Title at Last!

Thanks to the wonderful input of friends and family, Madison 1 now has a title:

Basic Trouble

I love it! It's a play on words, which I'll need to bring into the tag line so everyone gets it right away. I haven't done that yet, but here's the latest teaser for Basic Trouble:

Beneath commonplace suburbia lurk rather adorable evil creatures who feed off the good life force of average, oblivious people. Now it's up to Madison Fox to decimate these cute creatures (and a great many others who are uglier and fiercer) before her region is overrun with evil. Her grasp of the skills she'll need for her job are rudimentary at best…but that's never stopped her before.

Clearly, this isn't the final tag line, but it's closer to what I need.

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