Monday, November 24, 2008


I've been at this computer for nearly 12 hours today. Ug! I made a lot of progress, but not on Madison 1 or 2. I did write 1,149 words today and I'm happy with that even if it is under word count.

I have discovered a great way to relieve chair-butt: Cat vs. Human tag. Zenzo, my little girl cat, loves to race up and down the hallway. If I run into a room at the opposite end of the hallway, she'll come running after me, tail up, and waiting to be petted when she "catches" me. It's adorable. If I am in the front room, she'll zip between the chairs and do a sideways arch at me. Again, so cute!

I'm off for a little late-night tag before the apartment's mandated quiet hours.

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