Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Copycat Massacre

You all might remember the Lamp Massacre of '08 when my apartment started killing off lamps in record numbers. Well, it's at it again, only this time, it's taken out a light switch.

To be specific, the apartment/copycat has had it out for the light switch in the front bathroom for over a week now. It finally stopped toying with its prey and snapped its neck two days ago. The fan works fine, which is of little help, unless you like peeing in the dark with a fan on. We do have another bathroom--we have sort of a his and hers bathroom set up. Mine is the master bath, Cody's is the front, fritzing bathroom. (And just in case you think that Cody's getting the raw end of the deal here, both bathrooms are the same size.) To make this massacre worse, we use only the front bathroom for showers. The other one would simply never dry out. (I could write a whole separate entry on the idiocy of building apartments that don't have outdoor ventilation to the bathrooms, but I'll spare you.)

We will, of course, be getting the lighting fixed, but in the meantime, I've had to plan my shower times with military precision. There's a certain time in the morning when the sunlight slants across the office floor in a long, bright beam of light that illuminates the hallway. Then, by angling the white door of the office just so, I can reflect that light into the bathroom, brightening things enough to make it feel like I'm showering in a foreign country (again, another entry entirely). Not for the first time, I'm very glad for my nearly see-through curtain which allows the maximum amount of light through.

I suppose I could bring a lamp into the bathroom, but where's the fun in that. This way, I'm being environmentally conscious (or I can pretend that I am choosing to be and not being forced to be) and I'm not concerned about electrical fires in the walls (remember, this is the same apartment that melted my blow dryer plug into the socket). All in all, it makes for an eventful morning.

Oh, and for those of you who know about Feng Shui, the bathroom is in my creativity section. Yes, the light went out in my creativity section in the middle of Nano. I'm not worried about any hidden messages, though--look how creative it's made me already. Though, now that I think about it, this is the same bathroom that the toilet flush handle gets stuck on, that needs to have the tub recaulked, and the stopper in the sink drain gets stuck shut, so we currently have it laying on the bathroom counter. Okay, that's it. We need maintenance in here immediately!

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