Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's NaNo WriMo Time!

I woke up this morning long enough to snooze the alarm and roll over. I was almost back asleep and then it hit me with the same feeling that I got as a little kid on Christmas: today was NaNo WriMo day! I was out of bed in a flash of energy and enthusiasm.

It's now much later in the day and I've finished my writing goal (with a long break in the middle to dart up to my mom's house), and my earlier enthusiasm is still in my thoughts, but my energy is drained. I wrote 2,500 words today (nearly 8 full pages), and I've reached the end of today's stamina.

I am not strictly following the NaNo WriMo goals, so I won't be registering on their site this year. For starters, I'm not working on a completely new, original idea. I'm writing a sequel, which they frown upon, saying that they don't think precrafted or partially completed work allows a person to be as creative (or willing to be as awful as might be necessary) to complete the word count in a day. Also, the NaNo WriMo goal is to complete a 50,000-word novel. A 50,000-word novel is about 30,000 too short for my needs, but even though my goal is 80,000 words, but I'm not forcing myself to write more than the 1,667 words a day that will get me to 50,000 words by the end of the month; I'll just extend my personal due date to November 18, if necessary.

With that said, check back for updates to the tracking meter to watch my progress, and feel free to cheer me on with wonderful comments, as you have been. I very much appreciate the support!

Right now, I'm going to go enjoy a much-deserved glass (or two) of a delightful wine I just discovered yesterday (by one of my favorite wineries): Rosenblum Celler's Chateau La Paws Cote Du Bone Roan. I picked it up because of its name; I bought it because the label on the back says that the money from my purchase of this bottle supports animal charities. It's the best of two worlds.

And I have one final thing to share for the day. Zenzo, my little girl cat, has been greatly enjoying the cold, rainy weather in her favorite (adorable) way...

...bundled up like a burrito.

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