Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Honor of the Holiday

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, I've been thinking of all the things I have in my life for which I'm grateful. The list is extensive (another thing I'm grateful for!), but here's a few I can share with you:
  • Cody
  • my family (two- and four-legged)
  • my friends
  • fun times with all of the above
  • Basic Trouble and Book 2, which includes the time to write and work on selling them
  • all the people that come to my blog everyday to read my ramblings
  • being self-employed
  • two cars
  • my wonderful apartment with its great view
  • my stocked pantry (even if half the cans are beans--or maybe especially because half the cans are beans and I can have my daily burritos)
  • avocados
  • good health (mine, my family's, my friends')
  • the privileges of being an American
  • dark chocolate

What are you thankful for?


me said...

you are my #1!!!!

Kate said...

I like your list. Here is my own, in no particular order:

* A clean house (made much cleaner by the house-cleaning elves who work their magic while I'm gone and they're babysitting!).
* Olive oil. It's delicious, it cleared up Henry's flaky scalp, and I just used it today to de-squeak all the door hinges in my house! It's wonderous!
* Photographs and film.
* Low-sodium Amy's organic Mattar Paneer.
* Quiet dogs next door.
* Finding the book I was looking for all day.
* That my baby has grown and I am no longer the completely sleep-robbed parent of a two-week-old, but rather a very giggly 4-month-old!
* My family and friends are healthy and mostly residing in the same state.
* Disneyland as a new parent!

Happy Thanksgiving, every one!