Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Look at how close I am to the traditional Nano goal! Last year on November 29 I was at 64,000+ words, but I also only took one day off the entire month. This time, I'm treating it more like a real job, and I know the novel writing will take longer than 30 days, so being 1,500+ words ahead of my goal is really good. Today I wrote a fun scene that I think is pretty amusing. We'll see when I reread it in December.

Speaking of books read, for all those of you who have been losing sleep over the fact that I'm behind my book-reading count goal for the year, you can rest a little easier. I've finally caught up to last year's number of books ready by November. However, I thought I was actually now two books ahead, so I felt quite relaxed in starting a nonfiction book, since nonfiction typically takes me longer. Now I'm not so sure I'll meet my 52 books read in a year. Of course, miracles do happen around Christmas...

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving vacations--I know I did. I overate on great food, saw my family, hung out with friends (and will be doing a little more of that soon), slept in, and didn't worry about word-count goals. Does Thanksgiving get any better?

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