Friday, November 21, 2008

Denial Lends Strength

For a few short days, we were a one-car family. Cody's Volvo died mysteriously on his way home. The mechanic later diagnosed it as a broken timing belt. What could have been a very costly engine repair job ended up being feasible due to some amazing good luck, and the 17-year-old car is running again. We've been celebrating.

It was, oddly, like a miniature psychological experiment for me, though. In those few days when Cody was using my car to get back and forth to school and work, and I was working from home without a means of transportation, I thought of all kinds of things that I wanted to go do and appointments to make. Suddenly, I needed a car. And just as I expected, today when I had my car back, I didn't think about leaving the house once. Once the option was available to me, all the urgency went out of me. The brain is such a strange thing.

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The Big C said...

The brain is such a strange thing indeed.
I love your posts and will read every one... Even the long ones.
Keep up the good work!