Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lactose Dreams

I've recently been testing a theory that I might be lactose intolerant (though I desperately hope not). Thus, for nearly a month now, I've cut all dairy out of my diet. Unless you count the milk that's in dark chocolate, which I don't, and fortunately, it doesn't look like my body does either. However, one month without ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cheese does things to a girl's head. Like make her dream about eating--specifically, eating dairy.

I never dream about eating. I dream about everything from the mundane to the excitingly adventurous, but not eating. And yet, Friday night I dreamed that I ate a dish of pasta, only to discover when I was done that the noodles had been filled with cheese. I was very upset in the dream, afraid of the consequences, and disappointed that my experiment to see if I am lactose intolerant was compromised. Last night I gleefully ate an entire tub of soft serve ice cream with M&Ms in it, realized when I finished that I shouldn't have eaten it, and didn't feel bad about it at all.

I can't decide if these dreams are a good thing or not. Clearly I'm craving all the foods I've cut out, which I suppose is bad. But in my dreams, I'm getting to enjoy them without any negative side effects. I think the this-is-a-good-thing side wins this time, but only by a slim margin.

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