Wednesday, April 1, 2009

House Bunny Giggles

I think Anna Faris is hysterical, and when I saw Faris was coming out with a Playboy bunny/sorority spoof, I knew it'd be right up my ally. (Yeah, I'm sure you guessed that, too, especially after yesterday's post.)

Okay, so there's really nothing highbrow about the film The House Bunny. There was nothing about it that wasn't expected; there were no great plot twists or story change-ups that I didn't see coming. There were no deep metaphors, soul-wrenching scenes, or even costumes that would win at the Oscars. But I don't think anyone who rents a movie called The House Bunny really expects any of that.

What it did have was a lot of humor. In fact, at one unexpected and particularly funny moment, I actually spewed a little chocolate all over myself when I burst out laughing. It wasn't exactly attractive (and what a waste of some good dark chocolate), but I'm still giggling at the joke.
The movie also had some great secondary characters, like Lindsey Lohan look-alike Emma Stone. (Tell me they don't look like sisters, possibly even twins separated at birth, which would be really ironic, considering The Parent Trap movie and all that.)

Emma Stone

Lindsey Lohan

(just in case you couldn't tell which was which)

I recommend this one...but only if you know what you're getting into. If you're expecting a traditional chick flick or romantic comedy, this one's not for you.


Anonymous said...

I love the deep voice name thing... That made me pee a little..

Rebecca Chastain said...

That's exactly what I was talking about...minus the bit about pee...