Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Have News

...that I can't tell you. It's good news. NON news. Wonderful news. And I can't share it quite yet. The fact that I've held off teasing you all this long (I've known for over two weeks) says a lot for my restraint. I can officially tell you Monday, so check back then—you'll be happy when you do. And I can only imagine (and look forward to) how much worse it's going to be for me when I have some great secretive news about my own writing!

Right, my own writing. Remember that? That thing I did before I became a celebrity twin stalker? I've been stuck, totally and completely mired down by one little, tiny detail: what to call the organization that my main character works for.

I glossed over it nicely in the first draft, and actually didn't think of including it when I was editing the first few times. The story works okay without it. But then I realized that even if Madison doesn't know what the organization is called, her coworkers would, and they'd casually mention it in the way that employees everywhere mention their companies—by acronym, of course.

Which means I need to have a cool acronym. Something that spells something else, preferable, and even better, something that can lead to amusing misunderstandings or dialog. I have a few favorites (my poor family knows them all, since I've been sending them daily emails with lists to choose from). I'm really trying to wrangle a good company name out of certain acronyms, so that's slowing things down, too.

If you can think of any good/funny acronyms for company names (I'll fill in the real company names to fit the acronym), please, please, please let me know. To give you an idea of where I've been going with this, here are a few that I'm toying with (though not the top few—I couldn't give away my best, could I?): EEW, GOD, BOB, and SoWhaT.


Cody said...


Rebecca Chastain said...

LIGHT is definitely one I'm considering. "We work for the LIGHT" has a nice ring to it.

TikiBird said...

I think it would be funny to say "We work for the MAN." Teehee!

TikiBird said...

I just realized, I guess you wouldn't say "the" normally. It would have to be "THE MAN" as an acronym, which is a definite stretch. LOL!

TikiBird said...

Yeah, it's me again. I saw this article and it reminded me of your plight: If NASA can do it, so can you!

Rebecca Chastain said...


NASA is definitely an inspiration. LOL Actually, you hit upon my top pick for the acronym. Getting an organization's name to fit into THEMAN is a little difficult, but I'm liking it more and more, so I'm sure I'll find a way. Between you and Cody, you actually named my top two.