Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is It Just Me?

I feel like I'm either on a roll or having eyesight difficulties, because I've had another twin sighting. In fact, I've had so many, it's got me thinking: where's my twin? I've decided to add to my list of things to do as I get more famous (as in, become a published author): find my twin. Or twins. With however many billion people are out there in the world, I'm sure I've got a few.

Today's twins, Andrea Anders and Mary McCormack.

Andrea Anders

Mary McCormack

I saw Anders on Better Off Ted last week and thought she looked familiar. Obviously I was confusing her with McCormack, since I've seen McCormack on West Wing and never seen Anders before.

These two look pretty close, right?

However, in the same week, I also thought that Jeffrey Dean Morgan...

(please ignore the Watchman image)

...looked like Robert Downey Jr.

In my defense, they have similar mannerisms, and while watching Morgan on whatever show we were watching, I was positively, bet-money-on-it convinced that I was watching Downey, and not even Cody could persuade me otherwise.

Lesson to take away from this: I would make a terrible FBI agent.

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