Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You as Your Main Character

Something that was said over dinner with friends tonight sparked my curiosity and has got me wondering: Would you make a good main character in a novel? More specifically, would I? If I were tossed in the situations in which I place Madison, would I respond in a good way?

Of course, I'd like to think yes. I'd like to think that I'd embrace every challenge and defeat every evil, but I think the answer is much more complex—too complex to be answered in a blog post, probably.

The simple answer is this: I would make a great heroine...on days when I've gotten enough sleep, am feeling healthy, am not stressed about work/health/money, feel good about myself (mentally and physically), and feel witty. Basically, when the fates align for those 10–25% of each month when everything feels perfect.

However, when I don't get enough sleep, am stressed, feel sick (or mentally sluggish, or feel just plain quiet, I would make a terrible heroine. The battle would be raging outside my apartment, and I'd have to be pried away from the book I'm reading, manually stuffed into a presentable outfit (one that includes a shirt with no holes and pants without a drawstring), and booted through the doorway to face the world. Which would no doubt leave me grumpy enough to join with the evil forces and destroy whoever had the nerve to roust me from my cozy place.

What about you? Do you think you'd make a good heroine?


Kristy Colley said...

I think I'd be terrible. Action-wise. The inner-most thoughts, however, might make for some good comedy.

Rebecca Chastain said...

Good point, Kristy. It wasn't until I'd posted this blog entry that I considered being the heroine of a different genre than urban fantasy. I think I'd make a pretty good romantic comedy heroine. Cody might disagree...Then again, he often laughs at me when I feel I'm not doing anything amusing.