Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trimming Down

I'll be the first to admit that I follow too many blogs. (In fact, I think I've said so already on this blog.) Yet, once Cody introduced me to the world of following blogs, it was hard not to add twice as many as I did. There's so much interesting stuff out there!

However, I've come to the conclusion that I simply can't go visit all the blogs I was following regularly--not and still have time for work, writing, and life--so I've had to cut a few. I still follow 17 blogs. I also still wonder how the people that follow 30+ do it. I guess you don't have to read every post.... Ah, what a dilemma, right?

The other motivation for this trim down: I'm stuffed. To the gills. On delicious, fatty Mexican food. And I thought, I should be eating healthier and trimming down a little in a more physical way. So this was my compromise to myself. I think it worked out rather well, don't you?

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