Friday, March 27, 2009

Topless Transporter

I’m a huge Jason Statham fan—not a big enough fan to see everything he’s been in, but I’m actually considering seeing Crank 2, so that should tell you something. We recently saw Transporter 3. I loved it.

The Transporter movies combine many of the things I like in my action movies: fast cars (and Frank’s car is the best of both my car loves—fast and luxury); car-chase scenes; good, well-choreographed fight scenes without too much close-up of the awful consequences of the blows but just enough to show that the main character is doing some damage; escalating danger; exotic locals; and a bit of romance.

Cody thought it was all right—not an action movie to get excited about, but not the worst action movie he’s scene recently. Perhaps it was because this Transporter film seem more geared toward women than the previous two. After all, there were two scenes where Jason Statham strips down to just his black slacks—once during a fight, once for sex. Both scenes included flashes to the lead actress giving Jason appraising looks, as if inviting the female audience to approve of the half-naked man on the screen as much as she does. I’ll accept that invitation. I hope you will, too.

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