Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday was a great day. My mood was up. Everything was going my way. Cody had done many wonderful things for me that I asked for. And yet...I was irritated. Irrationally irritated. I did my best to not take it out on Cody, but I was snippy nevertheless. It was just that every time he would open his mouth, I would get more irritated. And it wasn't what he was saying. He was saying nice things. Asking me about my day. Telling me the things he'd done. Still, my irritation mounted with each breath.

It got better after a while. We went grocery shopping and to a bookstore (always a mood-improver). But then we returned home and I wandered back into the office. Almost instantly, I was irritated again. It was if there was something in the air.

Then my eyes fell on the pack of gum sitting innocently on Cody's desk. I snatched it up and took a whiff. My back molars wanted to grind together; my fists wanted to clench. I set the gum back down warily.

"I think this is annoying me," I told Cody.

He politely tried to look like I wasn't crazy. "The gum?"

"I think so."

I left it sitting there on his desk for another few minutes. The breeze blew in the window, carrying the scent of Extra Peppermint gum with it. I wanted to snarl at something. It was definitely the gum.

What a bizarre reaction! At least it explained why Cody was irritating me while he talked (and chewed gum) despite saying things I normally like to hear. Happily, the gum is now stored somewhere where I won't accidentally be influenced by its evil effects. Fair warning to all yee who might come in contact with me: Steer clear of the Extra Peppermint gum when talking to me, or it's mood-changing effects on me might leave you headless.

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