Friday, March 6, 2009

A Fresh Notebook

I used up my last spiral-bound notebook while working through the scenes of Conventional Demon and have been at a loss for a new one for a few days. Okay, I had another notebook, but it wasn't the one I wanted (the lines were too dark, seeming to cloak and confuse my words even as I wrote them). All notebooks are not created equal.

Life without a reliable notebook is a tense thing. While it's not an emergency, it did throw a kink in my workday. It took me over a half hour to realize that the four-inch stack of used-on-one-side printer paper would work just fine. A half hour. Clearly, not having a notebook messes with my head.

Today, I got a lovely new notebook that fits my specifications: college-ruled, light blue lines, serrated pages, three-hole punched, with a durable cover. It just happens to be bright pink, and I love it.

I now have two hundred blank pages just waiting to be filled with notes and new story ideas. Life is good.

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Cody said...

It will go well with any outfit!